How to Install Credit Card Debt?

In the announcement made by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) in the official newspaper, all banks have granted the right to installment regarding their credit card debt. for more.

Regardless of what kind of credit card you use, in case of excessive debt, you can contact the banks when needed and have the right to request the structuring of the debts. This can be a versatile gain for both banks and card customers. For this reason, it is of great importance to deal with the issue of how to install credit card debt in detail.

Installment Conditions of Credit Card Debt

Installment Conditions of Credit Card Debt

Installment configuration in credit card debts is made in accordance with the conditions determined by the banks with which it owes. In other words, there is no specific system proposed by banks in this regard.

For this reason, it is possible to say that each bank develops a specific application and these applications are realized differently in many banks. However, it is worth considering that many banks are proceeding with a simple criterion in restructuring their credit card debt.

In the installment stages of the debt accrued at the banks, the credit points of the card holders also decrease. The reason for this is to prevent lending with this borrowing, as the banks will see in different loans.

In short, banks will offer positive response to your requests to structure your credit card debts and speed up your transactions. However, if you make your card debt in installments, you may encounter a situation such as not being able to continue using the card.

Installment Times

Installment Times

Banks can subject their card debts to a structuring process of up to 48 months. In addition, 12-month credit card installments and 48-month configurations are available. You should pay attention to the difference between these elements. In order to increase your credit rating, paying your debts day by day is also an issue to be considered.

The credit rating is a value taken into account when applying for card products and loans. Therefore, whether you participate in the card configuration or not, the debts paid daily are an important step in creating a consistent customer profile.

Structuring Credit Card Debt

Structuring Credit Card Debt

Normally, it appears that they offer different alternatives in credit card configuration systems for each bank customer. In terms of these alternatives, you can start paying back by dividing your current debt into installments up to 48 months. However, in order to ensure that your credit score does not decrease, we need to remind once again the importance of paying the debts on the day by adapting to the configuration alternatives used by banks.

You can apply directly to your bank as well as you can configure your credit debt by making a request from telephone branches.

Apply for Credit Card Debt Configuration

Credit card debt can be structured through applications from branches or telephone banking. However, due to this service that you cannot get from the call centers of each bank, you must make branch applications in some banks. Your application is completed within 1-2 business days and you can start making your payments by determining your installments.

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