Can you go to jail for debts?

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Hits behind bars as a result of debts are unlikely but feasible. Creditors should be expected to call and visit us to recover the debt. These people cause anxiety to creep into life and we try to avoid contact at all costs.

However, this is not the best solution. It turns out that at a later stage of the proceedings you will also have to face a bailiff who is authorized to seize a bank account. This, in turn, effectively deprives us of access to cash for daily expenses and needs.

Can I go to jail for debts?

Can I go to jail for debts?

It would be ideal not to let the debt be unpayable and we are afraid of being jailed because of it. If this happens, it is worth doing everything so as not to fall into serious debts.

The article HOW TO AVOID DEBT SPIRALS can be helpful, in which we explain what actions are worth taking to enjoy a good financial situation. It is good to know all these ways and gradually implement them.

Prison for debts – important information

Prison for debts - important information

We have already mentioned that under Polish law, a debtor who is not directly entitled to debts cannot go to prison. However, there are a number of activities that lead to the courtroom. It is about deliberately evading debts. An act that conceals income or assets is punishable by law. The same is perceived getting rid of material things that could be subject to bailiffs. All this was recorded in the Criminal Code. One of the paragraphs of Article 300 reads as follows:

“Who, in order to thwart the execution of a judgment of a court or other state authority, foils or diminishes the satisfaction of his creditor by removing, hiding, selling, donating, destroying, actually or apparently encumbering or damaging components of his property seized or threatened with attachment, shall be punishable by imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years. “

Conscious action aimed at avoiding paying off the debt, it may be selling off the property before it is taken by a bailiff, rewriting property for family members, etc. Similar procedures may result in placing in a cell for a period of 3 months up to 8 years. It is good to be aware of this so that you do not bring yourself serious trouble. It turns out that many people acting under the influence of stress and pressure unknowingly make a mistake that has deplorable effects.

Another reason for serious legal consequences, and even imprisonment, is extorting the amount borrowed, providing false data or income information. We will soon be sentenced to prison for unpaid alimony. Currently, aliementation debt amounts to PLN 11 billion. If the maintenance is not paid for three months, we may face serious consequences. The judiciary approaches this type of benefit very strictly, as it very often provides the livelihood of minors.

What is the prison sentence for debts?

What is the prison sentence for debts?

We can find ourselves in a prison because of fraud. Anyone who testifies untruthfully when applying for a loan is exposed to such danger. A person who presents false earnings statements faces unpleasant consequences. It also often happens that the scammer presents a fake employment certificate, thanks to which his creditworthiness is higher. Then it also falsifies its image in the eyes of the credit company.

This, in turn, often causes financial assistance to be obtained by those who are finally unable to pay off their debt. This applies to both small financial liabilities, e.g. moments ek, and those for very high amounts (mortgage loans). Therefore, it should be remembered that according to one of the articles of the Penal Code, for certifying untruth in order to obtain money, there is also a penalty of imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.

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